Welcome to the OpenForge project

The OpenForge project is an open source project that allows players to enter the Forge once again by making BattleForge available to play offline or with friends. Support us on Patreon or make a one time donation using ETH or BTC, to help us forge OpenForge together as a community.

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Getting Started

The OpenForge project is run by volunteer efforts from veteran and amateur developers.

  • Join Discord for real-time communication and collaboration.
  • Check our Issues
  • Support us on Patreon

What You Need to Get Started


The BattleForge client requires various redistributables to be installed. The following redistributables are known:

BattleForge client

OpenForge Launcher

The OpenForge launcher can be downloaded from the releases page or click here for a direct link.

Getting Started with OpenForge as a player

Placing the Launcher

The launcher should be placed in the BattleForge directory such that Battleforge.exe and OpenForgeLauncher.exe are located in the same folder.

Alternatively the launcher can be placed anywhere and Battleforge.exe can be located using the Find Battleforge.exe button on the

Starting the Launcher

The next step is to start the launcher using OpenForgeLauncher.exe and that’s it! You are ready to play!



Click the Play button to start BattleForge. Any credentials can be used to login.


Linking to BattleForge.exe in a folder with a different previously used launcher may not work when attempting to launch

If any other issues occur during launch or ingame, please let us know by either creating an issue on our GitHub or contact us directly via Discord